How often should I mow my lawn?

Every 2 weeks in the warmer seasons, every 4-5 weeks in the cooler ones. Grass should be mowed frequently so that it’s not stressed by taking too much off at once.


What height should my lawn be mowed at?

Winter time:
Couch 12-15mm, Buffalo 20-30mm, Kikuyu 15-20mm, Zoysia 20-25mm. Other factors such as sun exposure and health of the lawn also have to come into consideration.  All summer grasses need at least 4 hours of sun exposure per day to stay healthy especially in winter time.
Summer time:
Couch 10-12mm, Buffalo 15-20mm, Kikuyu 12-15mm, Zoysa 15-20mm.


How much fertiliser should be used to keep my grass healthy?

A light application every 6-8 weeks with a good quality fertiliser will keep your lawn looking great even through winter.


My lawn has become spongy and difficult to mow, what can be done?

If it is Buffallo mowing low for a few cuts can work, which I would recommend getting done in the spring time and avoid doing altogether in winter. This is particularly effective with a cylinder mower.

The best option for this and all other types of grasses is to get it vertimowed, which in the case of Buffalo more care is needed to remove as much as can be done while still keeping the lawn healthy
as unlike couch it does not have below ground runners (Rhizomes).


My lawn has become compacted, or just needs something?

Core aeration followed up with a fertiliser and wetting agent application can help, actually for a compacted lawn this is about the only option available. Aeration opens up the root system to grow deeper into the soil, also allowing oxygen and nutrients to enter in. Having a deeper root helps during times when the lawn is under stress like during hot periods.


I keep pulling out weeds but they come back year after year, what can I do?

Getting a licensed contractor like myself to come out and deal with the lawn is the best option.
Sometimes 2 sprays are needed to get rid of the weeds, some need to be pulled out and some may have already seeded which means they will come back. Getting it sprayed at least twice for a few years running may be necessary if they have really taken over.


Parts of my lawn seem to be growing well, whilst other areas are turning brown and looking dry. What would the issue be?

It could be a few things, maybe the reticulation isn’t working correctly, maybe the soil isn’t soluble and so the water isn’t absorbing. It could need fertiliser or other soil applications to adjust the PH level. There could be a disease on the lawn (common in winter time). I’d be happy to come over and have a look for you.


I have a dog or dogs in my backyard, how much work should I be putting into my lawn or is it a lost cause?

I have seen lawns that fare quite well with a dog or two in the backyard, often though it can be quite difficult to keep it looking very healthy. It may be better to focus on the front yard instead.


Is it better to leave the clippings on the lawn or take them away?

Taking them away is best as the clippings lead to thatch build up and a spongy, unhealthy lawn. Best to get rid of the clippings in a garden bed or green waste bin.


Cylinder or rotary mower?

Cylinder mowers cut the grass, rather than use the ripping effect of rotary mower blades. They are perfect for lawns without a lot of steep angles or slopes and give a much nicer finish, they are unique to Western Australia in their widespread use.


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